All day - 21st July 2020

About Our Speaker

Jo Clarke of Inner Space Works is a Mindfulness Consultant and Teacher. She trained with The Oxford Mindfulness Centre, Bangor University and The Mindfulness Association, and regularly attends CPD courses and retreats to deepen and broaden her practice.

Offers practical mindfulness training to individuals and organisations that can be used to prevent burnout and increase resilience. She has led workshops and courses for:

  • NHS Consultants, Doctors and Healthcare Professionals
  • HSBC Project Managers and Leadership Team members
  • Various departments and Leaderships Teams at Grand Union Housing
  • DfT (Department for Transport)
  • COOs, CEOs, Project Managers and Senior Managers
  • Skillsmax Employment Project Leads and Support Teams

Having experienced the benefits of a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course herself, Jo has become a passionate advocate for the benefits of mindfulness to self-manage stress, anxiety, depression, all of which are responses to societal pressures and social conditioning.

How can mindfulness help you?

When there’s so much going on with pressures at work and responsibilities at home, it’s easy to get bogged down in the negative and often the good stuff goes unnoticed and passes us by.

Your mind becomes cluttered and full and your behaviour can sometimes have a dramatic impact on your health and on those around us. You very easily get caught up in ‘automatic pilot’, behaving and reacting to events in unhelpful ways rather than having the space to choose how to respond.

Mindfulness is a sustainable approach that offers life-long skills and strategies that can help to reduce stress and build resilience. Mindfulness practice helps us to ‘re-wire’ the brain, changing habits and behaviours that are unhelpful.

By opening and freeing the mind, becoming more aware and capable of choosing your response, you can develop strong, considered and creative leadership thinking.

What this session would help you with;

o A clearer understanding of what mindfulness is

o Learn how to press the reset button in just 3 minutes!

o Understand the difference between a reaction and a response

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