Who Needs A Mentor ? Key Steps to Maximise Your Mentorship Relationship Copy
All day - 4th August 2020

There is power in shared experiences. Mentorship can change your career trajectory, personal goals, and life. Mentors are everywhere and they have made a measurable impact in the lives of many. Each of us may have had a mentor sometime in our lives, intentionally or unintentionally. In this increasingly competitive world, we need mentors more than ever. Learn who a mentor is and why you need one in this webinar.

Take-aways from the session:

  • Understand who a mentor is
  • Benefits of mentorship
  • Identify if you really need a mentor, coach or therapist
  • Learn how to create your introductory elevator pitch
  • Learn how to find your mentor and connect


About Our Featured Expert

Dr. Lola Adeyemi,

Founder/CEO- Mentoring Her

Lola Adeyemi, is a physician by profession but an entrepreneur by design.

She is the founder of Mentoring Her, which is a social networking platform that virtually connects female mentors with mentees to create relationships that significantly increase their potential.

Whether starting her own preventative health company, launching a healthcare technology app, or beginning a social impact organization that empowers young women to pursue their dreams and reach the highest heights, she pursues her passions of improving people’s lives and their communities.

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